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Vision: To complement efforts towards actualizing a better and more prosperous Nigeria.

Mission: To promote accountability and anti-corruption through religious and cultural values and norms.

Corruption has become endemic in Nigeria. A deeply rooted institution in all our societal endeavors. We lost our past glories, both religious and traditional values, that have stood us out in many works of life and human endeavors.
The menace have not only led us to complete quagmire, but serious economic, social and political crisis. Issues of moral decadence, financial crimes, violations of human rights and abuses, injustices, discrimination and bribery are the most noticeable negative impact of corruption in our land.

The implications are the current economic downturn mainstreamed through violence and civil unrest in the country.
In 2016, the then Secretary of State of the United States of America, Mr. John Kerry, took the bold step to help Nigeria fight it’s common enemy – Corruption- using Faith-based Approach to change behaviour and mindset of Nigerians towards accountability and transparency.

This great Initiative was nurtured by the US Embassy and Consulate in Abuja and Lagos respectively through the efforts and daunting commitment of Bishop Emma Gospel Isong and Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem Majemu with the support of other prominent faith leaders in Nigeria.

In 2017, the Interfaith Anti-corruption Network in Nigeria (IANN), now, Inter-religious Coalition Against Corruption in Nigeria (ICACN), was jointly established by the Strength in Diversity Development Centre (SDDC) and the Remedy for Religious Persecution and Discrimination (RRPD), Nigeria to mobilize faith actions against Corruption in Nigeria.
By 2018, the John D. and Catherina T. MacArthur Foundation supported the Anti-corruption initiative through the Mambaya House Centre for Democratic Studies, Bayero University, Kano with the “Combating Corruption through Interfaith Platforms – Nigeria Project 2018 – 2020)” , and subsequently with another 3 – year funding on “Promoting Accountability and Anti-corruption through Behavior Change Approaches – Project 2021 – 2024”.

These project seek to promoting the culture of accountability, transparency and anti-corruption in the Nigerian society with the desire to effectively and proactively entrench the our religious and cultural values and consciousness to change attitudes and behaviors of the people for a prosperous and stable nation.

With the support of MacArthur Foundation and The US Consulate in Nigeria, the following faith based organisations are at the forefront of ridding Nigeria of corruption

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